This time last year the WHO had been notified by Wuhan of a strange virus circulating, and thinking it would pass like a soft breeze, we went ahead and booked our dream trip, carried on booking customers to places like Europe and Taiwan, and then, like a hurricane gust, world travel imploded.

No-one could have seen it coming, especially not this little travel agent working from her home office on the spectacular South Coast of Wellington, at the bottom of the world where trouble never visits.

Somehow, the resilient bunch of Kiwis that we are, have managed to truck on making the most of the situation, rising noticeably beside a struggling world who provide an economy that our teeny islands depend on. We had just one (Auckland had a second) lock down, which really wasn’t bad in the scheme of things where we were still welcomed to socially-distance exercise outdoors (so long as it didn’t involve the ocean), and hole up in our spacious homes.

For us at Chasing Dreams Travel NZ there has certainly been a silver lining (would you expect anyone working independently in the travel industry to say that?).

While retail travel agencies have closed doors by the dozen, confused at how to confront a global pandemic, we’ve honed in on our value.

Taking a pro-active approach with our customers we’ve been able to help many of them return home in the most adverse travel situations, secure credits and refunds without our travellers even needing to pick up the phone, and share global news to stay well informed.

We’ve recognised now is the time to cement that we are so much more than a catalogue of travel products. We care.

So, this year, when we really have no idea how far we’ll be allowed to travel or if further lock downs will be enforced; we are excited to take in our stride whatever swings our way, knowing we will always do what’s right for our travellers.

Happy 2021 everybody XXX