Ask anyone whose been to Byron Bay and the thought process will be the same; a love affair with a village, and desire to return. Makes sense when you factor in that legend has it Byron is built on a Rose Quartz mine- the love stone of the crystal world. Weather you have a penchant for metaphysical elements or not, Byron’s superpower can’t be found elsewhere.

Set on pristine coastline, two beaches are separated by Cape Byron headland, on a backdrop of national parkland. Factor in warm weather and plentiful sunshine, to bring you one outstanding township. “Chill out, relax, slow down” are the words displayed on Byron Bay’s entry signs, and visitors can expect just that from the locals. Perhaps what makes this spot even better than the landscape, is the friendly community and laid back attitude.

Activities are plentiful in Byron Bay, but make no mistake that the action happens during daylight hours. Here’s our pick of the bunch on your Byron Bay getaway.

#1: Wake up with the sun

Take a gentle walk along main beach towards the headland. Stop for a relaxing dip in the ocean, eat a snack on the sand looking into the horizon, and contemplate how quiet the World around you is in the current moment.

#2: Walk from main beach

Following the road under a beautiful deep green canopy of trees, to Cape Byron Lighthouse. Here you will be treated to views of Byron Bay on one side, and on the other transparent turquoise water through which sea life play. Dolphins, Ray’s, and turtles can all be seen from the lighthouse and you may find yourself captivated by the view for some time. Walk a short track from the lighthouse to Australia’s Eastern most point, and enjoy the lighthouse museum before returning back to the village.

#3: Take a day trip to Shambhala Byron Bay

Here you will find a beautifully landscapes garden tucked away in countryside, surrounded by rolling hills. The garden is home to a great many rose quartz crystals, the two largest amethyst geodes in the World and plenty of secret gardens with peaceful Buddha statues. The castle itself has an activity timetable running daily, alongside a large gift shop and delicious vegetarian cafe. It is here you can enjoy a peaceful day of self meditation and reflection Shambhala Byron Bay is more than just a crystal lovers dream location, it’s a peaceful day retreat to gather your thoughts in.

#4: No Trip to Byron is Complete

Without spending time in the surf, and for beginners there’s no better place to learn. Mojo Surf School runs lessons daily, and has a knack for finding beginner waves no matter what the swell is doing. They’ll give you an authentic Australian experience with plenty of laughs, and ensure you stand up on your first session.

#5: Sit Back and Relax Listening

To a drumming circle on the edge of Main Beach after sun down. You may be surprised at how many people join in to create beats; Byron Bay outdoor jam sessions are truly spectacular.

#6: When the Sun is Setting

At the end of your day outdoors, there’s no better place to enjoy it, that on the rocky edge of Main Beach. You’ll be joined by many other visitors and locals, expect conversation, and warm smiles as the sun sets behind the headland, closing out a special day.