tulum travel guide

1: Tulum is an Eco Town

The beach strip area of Tulum, Mexico, has vowed to be an eco conscious town. You won’t find many power lines; power is restricted during the day and wi-fi is limited. Motor vehicles are few and far between, and plastic containers for toiletries and food items are restricted. For travellers to Tulum this means you experience a holiday disconnected from the constraints of suburban life, and reconnected withe joys of relaxation while remaining focused on a better tomorrow.


2: Tulum is a Yogi’s Paradise

In keeping with the total relaxation and eco vibe of this small coastal village, yoga has infiltrated in pure bliss. Tulum village is synonymous with yoga teacher training and retreats. Even the entry sign to the village reads “be present”. If you’re not a yogi yourself you’ll at least enjoy the peaceful vibe and slow pace of those you interact with.

Tulum travel guide

3: Tulum’s Caribbean Coast is a Dream

Located on the Caribbean coastline means the waters are an enviable shade of turquoise blue, the beach is a long stretch of pure white sand and the sun beats down heavenly temperatures. In keeping with the peaceful Tulum eco vibe, on this stretch of coastline you won’t find annoying vendors or hawkers vying for your custom. Clean, simple and catered for a perfect, relaxing experience is what Tulum beach is all about

tulum cenotes

4: Tulum Cenotes Are Some of The Largest in the World

Hidden beneath Tulum are an incredible network of underwater caves and tunnels formed from sinking limestone. The result is a spectacular exploring opportunity. There are approximately 6 incredible cenotes in and around Tulum that are easily accessible and totally incredible. Spend the day’s snorkelling throughout the cenotes spotting turtles and tropical marine life, swim in enormous swimming holes or take the opportunity for some of the best marine photos you can find.

tulum travel guide

5: Tulum is a Perfect Spot For Diving

Some of Tulum’s cent’s have ideal diving conditions; crystal clear ocean, deep sink holes, marine life and artefacts to explore. Tulum diving invites marine environments that aren’t experienced in other parts of the World. There are plenty of PADI dive courses and dive locations for both new and experienced divers. Locations are close to the tranquil beach village part of Tulum, making it easy to explore by day and relax by night.

Tulum Travel Guide

6: Tulum’s Historic Mayan Ruins

Right on the shores of Tulum beach are ancient Mayan ruins dating back to the 13th century that make for impressive sight seeing tours. Fascinating pyramids and structures that were built without modern tools remain today and are ready to be explored. Choose Mayan ruins within Tulum town or take a day trip to Chichen Itza (3hours drive each way) to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the modern World.

Tulum travel guide

7: Mateos: Beach side tacos and tequila

This small beach shack serving tacos and tequila will be a Tulum favourite. DJ’s spinning relaxed beach music, sit perched at the bar or on a table under the stars, listen to the waves and enjoy cheap yet authentic tacos. Mateos is friendly, relaxed, delicious and unlike too many beach side restaurants around the world, embraces chilled beach holiday vibes.

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8: Tulum boutiques

The handful of exclusive boutiques in Tulum are to die for. One off local stores selling beautifully made hippy beach vibe clothing and jewellery. Prices are steep but what you will receive is incredible workmanship, unique clothing that you will absolutely be able to wear back home. There are only a few boutiques but they are some of the best in the world. Mr Blackbird is a favourite.