Just outside of Byron Bay, in the Mulambimby Hills is a wonderfully spiritual place; Crystal Castle and Shambhala Byron Bay. In true keeping with the essence of Byron Bay and it’s surroundings, Crystal Castle is the epicentre of spirituality.

Home to the largest amethyst geodes in the world, numerous rose quartz and clear quartz pieces, at Shambhala Byron Bay you can explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, take time to reflect, or enjoy a timetable of events.

Built with a desire to be the private home of a wealthy man in the early 60’s, the building was erected with not a single corner within the structure, and sitting on perfect lay lines. Not long afterward the home was sold by a couple with a dream to make crystals available for all in Australia to enjoy. It’s clear to see that the initiative is still strong today with a very real love for landscape, crystals – most imported from Argentina – and positive energy apparent throughout.

A small entry fee invites you into many acres of land through which there is plenty to explore. Shambhala Byron Bay is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Inside the building is a vegetarian cafe serving at a world class standard, in a beautifully casual context .Choose to eat on the verandah overlooking amethyst geodes standing tall in front of green rolling hills, or find a deserted area in the gardens for time alone with Mother Nature.

A busy timetable showcases daily activities from plant singing, to aura photography, and card readings. Before you leave take time to explore the retail area which offers many crystals on sale at very reasonable price tags.

If like me you find pleasure in those rare moments of time during which you can forget about the busy world, and be at one with the earth, Shambhala Byron Bay will be the jewel in your Byron bay experience.

Entry Fee: $28
Opening hours: 10am – 5pm