While many Eco lodge accommodations are committed to delivering the most environmentally friendly operation, Utopia Guest house and yoga retreats are noticeably Eco for an entirely different reason: simplicity.

In place of state of the art environmentally conscious air conditioning systems, there’s a natural ocean breeze circulating rooms and For lighting up dark rooms in the evening, candles and lanterns are placed in careful positions to maximise both ambience and effect. Bicycles are the transport of choice, for a noticeable reduction in carbon footprint at Utopia, and layout of the property ensures privacy and the elements work together in harmony. It’s clear that Utopia effectively bridges the space between backpacker style camping and Eco resort living, with a rustic Mexican vibe.

Originally the buildings were home to a diving school, but when sale became available a keen American couple snapped up the property, noticing an opportunity to blend Eco and yoga together. The guest house comprises of two buildings; the main building houses sleeping quarters and yoga shala with a cosy communal space as a central point. A separate kitchen and bathing building are adjacent, with a quaint sandy courtyard between the two buildings.

Just seven rooms in the guest house contributes to an overall intimate ambience, and each room is beautifully decorated With Mexican paper mache style crafts, dark wood furniture, and natural thatched roofing. My room is the largest of the seven with one queen sized bed the feature of the room, located upstairs beside the open air shala. I have a small wooden balcony behind french style doors, opening to a view of Tulum beach.

One of my favourite things about this property, aside from the overall efforts to stay simple and true to nature, is the layout which reduces unnecessary building structure. For example; the main accommodation building doesn’t have floor to ceiling walls, and dining is totally alfresco, impressively bringing guests together for meals at a single long wooden table on the sand as a centrepiece of the property. There’s something delightful too, about brushing hair and teeth with sand underfoot which is the nature of the fantastically thought out bathing building. And in an effort to minimise harmful affects on the environment, Utopia sends an advisory to guests upon booking, with respect to products recommended for leaving at home such as aerosols.

Although yoga is the primary reason for visiting Utopia, the holiday extends past downward dogs and sun salutations. Guests will return home with new friends, having had a relaxing active holiday with plenty of time to explore Tulum, and read books from a hammock. That said; Utopia is honest in staying rustic and simple in style. Rather than sourcing state of the art Eco products or services, you’ll find nature taking its cause. If you’re looking for a high end Eco resort, this may not be the place for you.


Utopia Guest House closed doors recently, and yoga retreats are now hosted from nearby Zumas, Tulum. While Zumas offers a similar style of rustic accommodation they have move closer in the direction of luxury, and further away from Eco.

Yoga retreats are a brilliant way to holiday with the flexibility of meeting likeminded people, or choosing to spend time alone while remaining active. Utopia and Zumas take pride is sourcing talented yoga instructors passionate and devoted to delivering exceptional experience to guests.