If you’re heading to California, be sure to make time for a trip to Palm Springs; this is an interesting, impressive, and quirky spot that you’ll surely want to return to time and time again.

Palm Springs is most famous for being the place where Frank Sinatra had his holiday home in the ‘60’s, where Marilyn Monroe was discovered, and for its sheik architecture of the 60’s era. For travellers visiting now, Palm Springs is a visual delight, especially for those with a keen eye for design and a penchant for stylish boutique, poolside affairs.

What Makes Palm Springs Special

On arrival to Palm Springs you’ll notice a very interesting, special and unique place. It’s a flat micro city, in the desert, with a backdrop of what appears like a mountainous stone quarry. Unique is the only way to describe the landscape.

Boulevards are lined with California’s trademark palm trees and the architecture resembles a living art gallery. This is the place where many Los Angeles celebrities choose to spend their holidays, after all.

Although Palm Springs was established in the 1930’s, it wasn’t until the ’60’s where the city shot to fame as a resort for the wealthy or famous.

Expect to emerge from the desert into an Art Deco styled city that feels like a village. Desert heat ensures sun resort fashion and a calm, slow pace. But Palm Springs isn’t all fashion and frocks. There are in equal measures indoor and outdoor activities to take part in, although a few days relaxing with a book poolside embraces the Palm Springs vibe wonderfully.

Things to do in Palm Springs

The Living Desert is home to a range of animals and plant species, with gardens to wander. Perfect for all ages. Visit some of the many art galleries that Palm Springs is known for or take an art walk. Shop at the boutique stores and vintage retailers; fashion is certainly prevalent in this part of California.

Head out to a hiking trail for walking, mountain biking or horse riding. Take the aerial tramway up the mountain for sweeping views of the city and Coachella Desert. And be sure to spend plenty of time poolside (most accommodations and houses include resort style pool).

The architecture of Palm Springs is unique to elsewhere, and simply wandering the streets observing the interesting styles and colours serves as an enjoyable part of the occasion too. You’ll notice the impeccably groomed gardens and home exteriors, Slanted roofs and window frames that are a trade mark features of the 60’s, and pastel palettes that work effortlessly together in style.

Palm Springs Boulevard is lined with restaurants, retail stores, bars and entertainment. You won’t be short of places to dine. and walking the Boulevard is both easy and enjoyable.

If you are after a special holiday we recommend staying at The Viceroy (now The Avalon), which also has boutique dining at it’s finest. This is one of our favourite hotels of all time.

Driving from Los Angeles

The best way to reach Palm Springs is with the quintessential American road trip, travelling from Los Angeles. It’s true there are plenty of other ways to reach Palm Springs including via international airport, but the road trip is a classic, cool, and easy adventure.

From Los Angeles to Palm Springs there are numerous routes available from scenic, through to fast. Roads are well maintained, traffic is orderly, and hire cars are typically well maintained. We recommend road trip above all other ways to reach Palm Springs from Los Angeles. The drive can take between 1 hour 40 minutes – 2 hours 30 minutes from Los Angeles to Palm Springs.

Roads are well sign posted and it doesn’t take long to move away from that “everything is huge” stimulus of Los Angeles and into wide open desert region.

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