We’re the kind of travellers who prefer to travel with carry-on luggage rather than cabin baggage, even when heading to an intrepid destination for a few weeks or more. This doesn’t mean to say we’e minimalist travellers, but we are strategic packers who mix travel independence with a sense of occasion.

You see for us, travelling with nothing but a thoughtfully organised backpack creates travel freedom. That totally free spirited and alluring sensation in simply putting a pack on your back and knowing you can go anywhere, at any time, with everything needed right there on your back is powerful. Stepping off a plane, walking directly into any form of transportation that takes your fancy and arriving in a new place is part of what makes travel exciting! Hassle free, convenience and endless options, all at the hands of smart packing. Here’s our smart packing strategy.

The Pack

Not a fan of cutting back on fun items like pretty frocks and a variety of bikinis for the purpose of packing lightly, a recent upgrade in travel pack provided all the answers. We now travel with Kathmandu’s litehaul which is s a carry-on sized backpack with bucket loads of room. There’s a shoulder strap option for short commutes, a suitcase style opening so you can see everything in your pack without unpacking it all first, a seperate shoe compartment so your clothes don’t become filthy from dirty shoes, and a sneaky laptop area for can’t-live-without-it technology. This pack was literally travel game changer for Chasing Dreams Travel. Travel doesn’t have to be able skimping back on nice items for the sake of travelling light.

The Tech

Not too long ago we stumbled upon Hello Nomad (@nomad_goods) and were elated to find some real gems. What we noticed which seemed unique to the Hello Nomad team was compact necessities without compromising on quality. There are two pieces in particular from the Hello Nomad collection which we consider to be necessities for our travel style.

travel accessories

The PowerPack

From time to time we like to be a little bit further away from electricity that is truly convenient. Surfing trips on the New Zealand coastline, hiking in Sri Lanka, camping in rural or remote places or even something as simple as leaving accomodation in the morning with no desire to return until bedtime are all times we don’t want to be moving to the schedule of batteries life life. Gone are the days where we assume travel should be abut “switching off”. For us, the technology available now adds a further dimension to travelling. Think; Google Maps and a decent camera for starters. This is where the PowerPack is a life saver.

The reasons the Hello Nomad PowerPack impresses is that it provides the luxury of so much more than just the essentials, but is small and robust at the same time. A 9,000mAh battery, bluetooth tracking, USB C & USB A ports, ambient-light sensing technology in the size of two palms. Sometimes we get a little dubious about modern tech because when it comes in travel size typically it also becomes something that you’re worried will break half way through the trip but this PowerPack has military-grade drop-resistances without being heavy. It ticks every box for power on extended expeditions.

The Universal Cable

I’m not someone who wants the responsibility of remembering to unplug multiple cables from the wall before check out; there have been far too many lost phone chargers for that exact reason. The universal cable solves this problem and the ongoing issue of being surprised by how much room is taken up in a travel pack by multiple cables, each of which will have limited airtime. Nomad Goods has the one cable to rule them all. The universal cable comes with multi-tip charging options for each and every mobile device, has a USB A, Micro USB cable and USB Type C tip. Like all Nomad Goods’ product it’s built to be robust too.

The Sleep

From time to time it’s fun to head into the jungle, hills or off the beaten path and spend time wiht nature or minority locals. Problem is that generally this means the added luggage of a sleeping bag is necessary to avoid sleeping in the cold. We also travel with a silk liner to solve this problem. Rolling up into the size of a palm, a silk liner is the shape of a sleeping bag but made of silk; fabric that keeps you warm in cold climates and cool in hot ones. Now this is not the item to take in sub 0 temperatures of course but it is perfect for sleeping under another persons blanket without freezing.

travel accessories

The Footwear

Tired to having a pair of flip flops break half way through even trip, recent changes to travel footwear have been made. We travel with two items of footwear: an old pair of runners and a pair of sandals that. Travelling with runners means we can exercise, or be active without any hold backs and taking old runners means we can leave them in the country we travelled to without the extra items to carry home. In some cases this means we are leaving items that seem old to us but new to less affluent cultures and can be passed on to others for use. Sandles mean foot comfort in the heat with straps that won’t break the minute you step on an uneven surface.