Travel is undeniably a personal preference. Some travellers thrive when exploring with few plans or schedules, some prefer comfortable hotels with few reasons to move beyond the pool. Others enjoy thrilling entertainment and organised chaos.

Whatever your travel preference is, enjoy our top 5 trending destinations your individual way.


We love Thailand, and completely understand why this destination is one of our most popular for travellers.

Expect tropical paradise beaches, welcoming locals, high-end service, and spectacular resorts. That’s if you’re after a beach holiday. Thailand isn’t just beaches though. For the intrepid explorer, expect tropical jungle treks, remote hill tribe villages, backpacker lifestyle and bucket loads of culture.

Thailand has the ability to quench the thirst of both the intrepid traveller and comfort explorer.


Samoa’s exceptional community values are just one thing that separates this Pacific island from the rest. There’s little wonder Samoa is one of our most popular destinations for New Zealand travellers.

Embark on a close-to-home, sun filled holiday where everything runs on “island time”, and locals will treat you part of the family. Add in the tropical scenery, attractions such as To Sua Ocean Trench, World class surfing, snorkelling, and fale lifestyle; is there anywhere better for an extended long weekend away?


Bali’s been a Kiwi favourite for years, and showing no signs of slowing down, we can see why!

Indonesia’s flare is found all over Bali making sure travellers know they’re no longer at home. Expect cliff side temples, World class surf beaches, rustic coastlines and swimming beaches. Inland, enjoy serene scenery and yoga retreats.

There’s a chaos that translates into energy; beach life with plenty of socialising.


As one of our most popular destinations, Singapore may come as a surprise. But this is a city able to please families, couples and corporates in equal measures.

Highly cosmopolitan, super clean, easy to travel around and bursting with interesting sights. 25 minutes time is all it takes to reach the city from the airport and direct flights from all major New Zealand airports; travelling to Singapore is hassle free.

Singapore features some f the most forward thinking delights such as a night safari, sky canopy, and the worlds largest infinity pool. Visit for a stop over or a holiday in it’s own right.


American Polynesia presents a blend of comfort, culture, and excess. But Hawaii isn’t just any American destination; this is one spot where the outdoors is the essence of a holiday.

Kiwi’s love the easy holiday that features plenty of surf (beginner and advanced), snorkelling and ocean swimming, plus western accommodation with no surprises. Add in oddles of shopping and dozens of short walks and you have yourself a slice of cheeky commercial mixed with adventure.