Putting backpacker travel style in the past doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to exploring the World. The comfort explorer is the traveller with a sense of adventure without compromising on the finer things in life.

Quality accomodation, hassle free transport and cultural entertainment are all completely available in fabulous destinations. Here are our top 5 destinations for the comfort traveller.

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The first thing to mention about Tulum is that it is an absolutely stunning coastal village. The sand is white and the ocean is an incredible shade of turquoise green; it is the Caribbean coast, after all. The next thing to note is that Tulum is an eco village which instantly brings with it calm, gentle and kind qualities. Idyllic for a relaxing beach holiday. But here’s where Tulum becomes appealing for the comfort traveller; with all the gorgeous beauty and chill vibes, the resorts are high end and second to none. Centred around yoga of a high end scale, in Tulum you will retreat to ocean cabanas which are wonderfully presented to effortlessly combine Caribbean coastal joy and Mexican charm.

Mexican locals in Tulum are a refreshing breed too; welcoming, friendly and the poles apart from intense which makes wandering the small handful of sandy beach restaurants and bars after a day slowly pedalling bikes around the centoes, part of the experience. This is not a beach destination where you struggle for a seat in a restaurant or lounge chair on the sand; think peaceful in spades.

Tulum makes our top comfort explorer list for the resort quality combines with individual eco charm; relaxation with exploration.

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Perhaps unexpected to read a South East Asian destination on a top list of destinations for the comfort traveller, but Thailand is well deserving of such accolades.

We all know Thailand is island paradise with spectacular beaches that boast luke warm waters, deep hues of turquoise and pristine white sandy beaches. But what Thailand has that other destinations can’t always promise is high end hospitality, and the Thai’s totally understand how to look after guests. Choose a 5 star beach front resort complete with all the usual trimmings like infinity pool, and receive some of the best service in the World tinged with bucket loads of culture. Feel pampered with low cost daily massages and employ private driver to explore nearby attractions and you have yourself a comfortable holiday in one of the most culture rich environments.

Choose Koh Lanta for tropical island paradise with new beachside resorts and minimal crowds.

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Typically thoughts of a Hawaiian holiday either conjure up images of Waikiki’s palm lined streets that are home to expensive retailers and fringed with tropical looking sandy shores. While this is quintessentially Waikiki in true form, Hawaii has plenty more to offer the traveller with a sense of exploration.

It’s true that a reasonable price tag should accompany a Hawaiian holiday. In exchange travellers will receive the usual 5 star resort that presents as a pristine replica of it’s siblings. But when straying off the beaten path Hawaii’s main tourist island, Oahu, offers lush nature trails and hiking opportunities, private beaches and rustic coastlines. Aim to spend time in Northern Oahu – we recommend Turtle Bay Resort – and spend days with little more than a backpack, walking shoes and drinking water getting lost in nature’s beauty.

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Palm Springs

Made famous from the iconic Marilyn Monroe being discovered here and the likes of Frank Sinatra having a holiday home here in the 60’s, Palm Springs resembles The Flintstones meeting The Jetsons. A town with a small and private feel, Palm Springs is nestled in the desert with a backdrop of mountainous rubble peaks which makes for totally fascinatingly scenery at every angle. On arrival there is little need for a vehicle as you laze about in a resort pool (we highly recommend The Viceroy) by day reading books, relaxing or enjoying the finer things in life like spa treatments and massages. By night, put on your evening frock and wander to any of the assortment of restaurants or music venues enjoying the incredible architecture of the roaring 60’s as you wander by.

Very much a destination location, but Palm Springs makes it to our list of comfort explorer destinations for it’s ability to be captured within a Californian road trip, travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and incorporating Las Vegas into the equation. Palm Springs’ landscape alone is well worth the travel list.

bali travel packages


Another potential surprise for the comfort travel list, but once you get past the dated bustle of Kuta and into the more serene areas of Bali you’ll be in comfort heaven.

Like most Indonesian destinations Bali is less developed than back home, but the Balinese certainly know how to do a high end resort. Nestled away from the rif-raf in the luscious inland area of Ubud travellers can find an assortment of wellness resorts and luxury accomodations. Bathe in infinity pools overlooking dense green bush listening to nothing but birds or running water by day, then perch intimately at an isolated table for two beneath the stars by night. Combine comfort and quality with hints of culture to truly feel a million miles away from home. Massages and spa treatments, book reading and general unwinding make Ubud, Bali a key player in our top 5 destinations for the comfort traveller.

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