The store walls are lined with colourful displays of the rainbow, staring out with glimpses of promise. Narrow pronged, slim pronged, metallic or Swarovski, each pair of Havaianas dutifully invites you to a world of hope.

Hope that you’ll find comfort as you flip-flop your way to new sandy shores, sunny landscapes or a fresh holiday. Hope that you’ll complete that cool summer ensemble in effortless beauty, or protect your feet from warm concrete.

Promise that all your footwear dilemmas will now be a thing of past summers, and your feet will eternally step you through to all your dreams. Promise too that the notes you pull from your purse in one swift transaction will bring no signs of buyers remorse.

As the colourful displays are replenished each day, and the Havaianas factory welcome new designs to their catalogue, our foolish hopes and promises present frustration and sadness.

De-plugged as you negotiate rocky shorelines between beaches, de plugged when you slide your chair from beneath the table your cocktail sits on. De plugged in the crowded audience of your favourite summer band when your foot is stood on, and de plugged but hours after your hefty transaction.

Havaianas glory stolen much too soon and the effects catastrophic as you hobble through the remainder of your holiday, festival, or beach day. Hope and promise vanish with that sensation lost between those cosy two toes. Dimes wasted as you calculate that transaction as a per day cost. Your personal Havaianas rainbow evaporated by a momentary de-plugging.