Because there’s so many wonderful things about this magnificent country that set it apart from other parts of Asia. Here’s your grand list of Nepal interesting facts.

nepal interesting facts

Nepal Interesting Fact # 1

A strict selection process that includes meeting a specific criteria of 32 physical characteristics such as “chest like a lion and thighs of a deer” determines the identity of a real life child deity; the Kumari Princess. She lives an unusual life in virtual isolation, housed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Darbar Square, offering one brief daily glimpse to the public. It is said that if you witness one such glimpse you will receive great fortune.

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Nepal Interesting Fact #2

The Kathmandu Guest House was the first hotel in Thamel, dating back to 1967 and was founded by the same person who was responsible for lobbying the Annapurna region to become a protected conservation area. Now a successful entrepreneur, Karna Shakya began in forestry until taking a leap of faith in his brother’s hotel idea which is now the most successful in Kathmandu and sibling to six other prestigious hotels in the Country.


Nepal Interesting Fact #3

There are a number of small airlines based in Nepal which have had such high crash rates that they do not comply with International Aviation Safety regulations, and are not entitled to fly over specific air spaces! If you’re planning a domestic flight, it’s best to stick with Yeti Airlines.

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Nepal Interesting Fact #4

Until the 1950’s Nepal was closed to the outside world due to the Prime Minister’s ruling to remain an isolated country. In 1955 Nepal became part of the United nations but after a long period of violence the monarchy dissolved in 2008 and Nepal was declared a democratic republic.

Nepal Interesting Fact #5

Nepal is the only country in the modern world who doesn’t have a rectangular flag. The shape is two triangles created to represent the Himalayas and the red colour designed to represent the countries’ national flower; the rhododendron.

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Nepal Interesting Fact #6

Approximately 75% of the entire country of Nepal is covered by mountains, and the country is home to the largest mountain on the planet; Mount Everest. More than 300 bodies remain on the mountain as testament to the severity of the climbing conditions and 1977 was the last year where no known fatalities were recorded. That is also a year which only two people reached the summit.

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Nepal Interesting Fact #7

There are 26 mammals, nine birds and three reptiles on Nepal’s list of rare and protect animal species. Included in the list are tigers and leopards largely due to their bones and skin being desired for Chinese medicine practices. Musk deer also feature on the list of endanger and protected mammals in Nepal. Male musk deer permeate a musk from a gland in their abdomen which is considered valuable due to it’s seductive properties when turned into perfume.