Do you remember hearing in the news earlier this year, about the travel agency in Auckland that was issuing fake air tickets to customers? Allegedly customers were paying for their holiday but the agency was instead collecting the money and owing creditors. They then issued customers with bogus paperwork for their holiday. That travel agency was not TAANZ bonded.

TAANZ is a way to protect travel agents, customers and travel operators, because in New Zealand there is no government licensing for travel agents. In short, because there is no regulation for the industry, TAANZ is a body that upholds standards, regulates the industry and, using the TAANZ Bond System, ensures customers payments are protected. A travel agency can choose if they wish to be TAANZ Licensed, however all travel brokers who are associated to an agency must be TAANZ licensed. A license is paid annually once a check of all the criteria (qualifications, working standards and the like) have been checked.

It’s just like in the building trade. Anyone can probably build something, but if you are building a house and enlist a builder who is under the Master Builders licensing then you can be assured your builder is qualified and upholding to necessary standards. Being a TAANZ licensed agent or broker means that you, our customer can rest assured we comply to code of ethics and practice, are qualified in the most up to date systems used by the travel industry, and that in the event something doesn’t go quite right, there is a team behind to support.

“All TAANZ members must meet strict membership and financial criteria and be subject to at least two financial reviews each year by the TAANZ Bonding Authority. All members participate in the TAANZ Bonding Scheme for the protection of the consumer.”

Chasing Dreams Travel NZ is a broker team for Travel Advocates NZ and our TAANZ bond is through Travel Advocates NZ.

Visit TAANZ for more information and contact us for your next travel booking.