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During the COVID-19 crisis


No-one could have expected the COVID-19 crisis to progress at the speed it did. One minute there were a few cases in Italy and ...

During the COVID-19 crisis2020-04-04T15:04:55+13:00
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Flight Shaming and Offsetting Carbon Emissions


There’s no avoiding a conversation on how we choose to tackle our impact on the environment, especially for those of us who choose air travel. ...

Flight Shaming and Offsetting Carbon Emissions2020-04-06T15:31:41+12:00
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Your 2020 Travel Plan


A brand new year full of adventure is about to begin, and it’s time to start planning where you'll be visiting in 2020. Your 2020 ...

Your 2020 Travel Plan2020-04-04T14:46:30+13:00
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Our Top 5 Trending Destinations


Travel is undeniably a personal preference. Some travellers thrive when exploring with few plans or schedules, some prefer comfortable hotels with few reasons to move ...

Our Top 5 Trending Destinations2020-04-04T14:51:40+13:00

Why Book with a Travel Agent


It’s a mistake you’ll only make once and a costly one at that: booking flights online which include stopovers. Inevitably what began as a bargain ...

Why Book with a Travel Agent2020-04-07T13:41:01+12:00
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