• Ayers Rock landscape

Our Top 5 Aussie Holidays


Australia has so much to offer for an incredibly memorable holiday that we couldn’t possibly sum it up in one blog post. But here are ...

Our Top 5 Aussie Holidays2020-05-12T20:26:41+12:00

Five Reasons to Love a Quick Samoa Getaway


Time It takes around 4 hours to fly from New Zealand to Samoa which means leaving Friday and returning Monday is totally worthwhile. Extend your ...

Five Reasons to Love a Quick Samoa Getaway2020-04-07T13:41:36+12:00
  • 5 Must Do's in Siem Reap

5 Must Do’s In Siem Reap


What originally began as the go-to place to touch down en route to Angkor Wat is now a destination to stay beyond the famous temples. ...

5 Must Do’s In Siem Reap2020-04-08T07:58:39+12:00
  • Palm Springs California

Palms Springs California


If you’re heading to California, be sure to make time for a trip to Palm Springs; this is an interesting, impressive, and quirky spot that ...

Palms Springs California2020-04-09T09:23:25+12:00
  • Surfers on a beach in Bali

Bali Surf Spots


One of the original surf holiday destinations, Bali is a surfing Mecca with plenty of breaks, suitable for a wide range of abilities. In Bali, ...

Bali Surf Spots2020-04-08T13:57:05+12:00
  • Camden Market

A  Guide to London’s Markets


We love London’s energy and traditions just as much as a good wander around the cities markets. With many of London’s most prominent markets housed ...

A  Guide to London’s Markets2020-04-08T13:25:52+12:00
  • View over Honolulu

Honolulu City Guide


Let’s be honest; most travellers arrive to Honolulu airport and then scatter like crabs in all directions, to other parts of Hawaii - Northern Oahu, ...

Honolulu City Guide2020-04-08T17:34:28+12:00
  • nepal

Nepal; Our Personal Encounter


There are some places you visit where it feels like a holiday; the opportunity to take long deep breaths, switch your phone on only when ...

Nepal; Our Personal Encounter2020-04-07T08:54:02+12:00
  • Waves at Nias in Sumatra

Nias, Sumatra


When it comes to this part of Indonesia, travellers usually come to Sumatra for hanging with wild orangutans, or surfing the Mentawai Islands. Nias is ...

Nias, Sumatra2020-04-08T15:22:14+12:00
  • Oahu short hikes

Oahu Short Hikes


Oahu's spectacular landscape of dense green bush and volcanoes provides numerous hikes on the island. Setting a day or two aside to hike through bush, ...

Oahu Short Hikes2020-04-09T09:59:37+12:00
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