If you’re visiting Bondi Beach there is a good chance you are going to be wearing minimal clothing and intending to look your best.

Bondi Beach’s reputation for being the place of the beautiful people runs thick and heavy, so keeping in shape is just as important as selecting the right bar for your evening drink. We’ve gone ahead and provided you with a complete analysis of all the Bondi Beach Gym options, to help you make the right workout decision.

Beach Fit gym treadmills in Bondi Beach

Beach Fit

147 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach

A refurbishment in September 2017 was well overdue, but now Beach Fit’s equipment is as good as it’s location. Beach Fit is a small gym with minimal cardio gear, but has all the bells and whistles when it comes to lifting platform, racks, and what you would expect to find in functional style equipment like kettle bells, plyo boxes, paralettes, and skill mills. F45 is located upstairs and owned but the same group too.

The layout is designed for fresh air to come through the cardio area from the street and a bench seat outside makes it a popular place for people to stop and chat. Beach Fit has prime real estate as the closest gym to the beach, is $30 for a casual visit and home to some very talented personal trainers. But all that aside there are a few downsides.

Before the refurbishment Beach Fit had two main reputations. The first being that equipment is regularly broken or poorly maintained. The second being that the culture is typically “Bondi” which insinuates being full of pretty people with over inflated self worth. The latter is prominent and the owners spend a fair amount of time lingering around the outside smoking cigarettes and generally looking like a pair of douche bags. Lucky for them there is decent equipment and a team of quality PTs inside who work incredibly hard.

If you’re looking for convenience and enjoy functional high intensity style of workout then this is the place for you. It’s the sort of gym you smash results with a quick effective workout.

Speedo Fitness Club Bondi

Speedo Fitness Club

180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Speedos is another small gym directly across the road from Bondi Beach. Unlike Beach Fit, Speedos is underground and has a pool, but the gym is much smaller than Beach Fit.

Some advantages of Speedos are that training can be done a lot more discreetly than at Beach Fit; there is a less posy atmosphere with less pretty people but it doesn’t have as much equipment. A small studio joining the gym area provides a nice benefit of excess space to take equipment into when a class isn’t timetabled.

Equipment is well maintained and Speedo’s is a clean, sophisticated gym. The pool is the main draw card being the only gym with a pool at Bondi Beach (the next closest is at Elixr in Bondi Junction). During the Summer months there are small group workouts run by the Speedos PTs on the grass area next to the beach which is a nice touch. The classes are generally quite hard core and the community of participants is a positive one. Casual entry is $25.

bondi beach gym

Bondi Beach Outdoor Gym

Bondi Beach promenade

Just like you would expect in the movies Bondi Beach has a fabulous area on the side of the beach equipped for working out. Mostly this is a space with various levels and heights of bars but there is plenty you can do here if you get a space. This is a popular place to train and unless you have been training here since the day you arrived in the World you will probably get shunned off the bars.

It’s a free area and if nothing else, a great place to watch inspiring levels of athleticism.

The Well Bondi

The Well

78 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Less than a year since opening, The Well pitch themselves as being one destination for all things health related. The Well offers a sensational cafe serving only quality raw or healthy meals, a full therapies menu for assisting all possible ailments, pilates and yoga classes. While all of this sounds fabulous, arguably even better than the cafe is the gym.

Beautifully laid out to make the most of the small space and natural lighting all equipment is brand new and well maintained. There is not a lot of space and this isn’t the place for you if you like lifting platforms and excessively heavy weight, but if you like to simply keep on top of your physique in a fairly relaxed way, this is a very pleasant space to do so at. The bathrooms and showers are gorgeous too.

Fitness First Bondi Spring Street Platinum

Fitness First

Bondi Spring Street Platinum & Bondi Platinum, Bondi Junction

Fitness First has two gyms in the heart of Bondi Junction. Bondi Platinum is on the top floor of the Westfield mall, and Bondi Spring Street Platinum is on Spring Street (virtually across the road). Bondi Junction is a bus ride away from Bondi Beach, but has the convenience of being the major bus and train interchange between Bondi and the rest of Sydney. Both of these Fitness First clubs have a distinct difference between the two and each will appeal to a different audience.

Spring Street was the first Fitness First in Australia and although a recent refurbishment has upgraded the facilities to include all the trimmings you would expect to see (spin, barre, functional racks, studio etc) the clientele lean towards the older community with some members having been there for the 17 or so years the company has existed in Australia. This is a top choice for facility if you like the full gym experience at a reasonable rate. The only downside is you are a bus ride from the Bondi Beach.

Across the road at the top of the Westfield mall is a totally different experience. At more than 7500 members you will regularly struggle for space in the dumbbell and functional area plus if you don’t have plastic injected into you, its likely you’ll feel very out of place. There are a couple of upsides though.

An outdoor deck has been fitted out with functional style equipment giving an opportunity to workout with views of the harbour bridge and city, under the heat of the sun. Miraculously this is not an area that is regularly busy. The other plus is that there is an extra membership type which includes private changing rooms, sauna, spa, laundry facilities, aromatherapy space, and generally a spa style facility for those with a little more money in their pocket. If you want to roam with the high rollers, this is the place.

Elixr Health Clubs Bondi Junction

Elixr Health Club

9 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

Another option that requires a bus ride away from Bondi Beach, Elixr is not your typical gym. Targeting a high end market and specialising in pilates and yoga, Elixr is a cut above the rest with a price tag to match.

What you’ll notice when you walk in the door is more of a day spa style facility with low volume music, dim lights, an unmistakable manufactured fresh aroma and spiritual statues dotted around the place as ornaments.

The pilates and yoga timetable is extensive and there is a pool too but the gym vibe is more of your rehab space than a sweaty workout, high intensity, or pump your guns facility.