We don’t think there’s ever a bad time to travel, but some destinations truly shine at particular months of the year. To help you plan where to go when in 2020, we have created a guide of the best months to visit some of our favourite destinations.


Thailand’s variety of hot spots are generally best suited at different times of the year. Thus is one destination where its best to stay relatively close to the preferred season; monsoons can spoil the very best beach holiday intentions. The good news with a Thailand holiday though, is that no matter what time of year to want to visit, there is somewhere suitable.

  • Chiang Mai: October – June
  • Bangkok: October – April
  • Phuket: November – April
  • Koh Lanka: December – April
  • Koh Samui: February – September


All year round Oahu is generally hot, sunny, and ready for beach goers. From January to December average temperatures range between 27 degrees celsius and 31 degrees Celsius with no rainy season. The best time to visit Hawaii though, is from April, May, September and October when there are fewer crowds.


The climate in Nepal moves between dry hot temperatures of high 20 through to low 30 degree Celsius, through to sub 0 in the mountains. The best time to visit Nepal totally depends on what you intend to do there, but for more people, heading in to the mountains is high on the agenda. Visit Nepal October to December and be rewarded with clear skies and the best views, however the dry season lasts through until April.


A Bali holiday is all about spending time on the beach, in the ocean, or outdoors among the jungle. So this is a destination to reach during the dry season which is April – September.


Snorkelling, swimming and lazying about in a hammock are what Samoa is best known for, but Samoa is not warm all year around. Visit from May – October for near guaranteed warm weather and the best chance to enjoy being outdoors.


Similarly to Thailand, Malaysia endures a Monsoon season that can spoil being outdoors. Visit June – August or December – February for the best opportunity for warm weather.


Whether you’re planning the Cross Borneo Trek, climbing Mt Kinabalu, snorkelling the coast, exploring outer islands or hanging with orang-utans January – April is the when you want to be in Borneo. This is when there is less chance of rain, and greater opportunity to make the most of water activities and being among Borneo’s spectacular nature.


Like many places in Asia, Vietnam’s climate changes between North and South. For the Northern region which is synonymous with trekking or mountain hikes, from March – May  and September – November is the best time to visit. This is also a spectacular time to visit Halong Bay where weather is clear without being excessively hot.

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