New Zealand’s capital city is flush with quirky & creative cafes that offer so much more than just great coffee. Here is your go to list of best coffee in Wellington.

Havana Coffee Works

163 Tory Street, Te Aro

When was the last time you had the luxury of finding a car park at the door of a coffee shop? That’s how I stumbled upon this beauty; pulling into a spare car park to quickly answer my phone, when what stood in front of me caught my eye: potentially the best coffee in Wellington!

Havana Works is split into three areas; a full blown production line centred around roasting area that can pique the curiosity of even the less interested punter, and a bean shaped cafe adjoining with floor to ceiling glass windows. It’s a nice change to generally being stuck indoors like so many cafes that pack you in like sardines.

There’s a funky vibe of mismatched chairs and sofas (akin to grandmas home in the late ’50’s) and the staff follow suit with crazy hair colour, and intrusive piercings. They know how to make coffee though, or in my case dirty chai (chai with a shot of coffee). Up there in my top 10 place for best coffee in Wellington.

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The Hangar

37 Dixon Street, Te Aro

Odd name for a cafe which looks nothing like an aeroplane hangar, but that aside there is something appealing about this popular cafe. It’s definitely not the service; with all tables blissfully in use we were told the kitchen was overloaded and only drink orders available in the interim.

Luckily The Hangars main draw card is that they are coffee connoisseurs with an extensive menu of flavours and serving styles. I’m a chai drinker and loved the loose leave tea but it came in a cup suitable as a child serving, and a pot of the same volume. Needless to say ordering one was insufficient.

The food menu had plenty of options, catering for all times of day including cocktails. We arrived at brunch-o’clock so ordered eggs on toast (nothing worthy of writing about here) and rhubarb crumble porridge. The porridge was a portion size that was plenty – a rare comment with porridge or muesli Servings generally. A dollop of yoghurt on top added variety, and the dishes flavour was perfection. I would absolutely order this again and was thrilled that I didn’t manage to finish the meal – a first I believe!

Gipsy Kitchen Deli

Gipsy Kitchen Deli

4 Glamis Street, Strathmore Park

A bohemian treat nestled privately at the end of typical NZ suburbia corner shops. Gipsy Kitchen has been thoughtfully created with comfort, delicacy, and individuality in mind. The decor is refreshing unique, with a verandah style sidewalk featuring picnic Table bench seats and round cafe tabling; enough for everyone on a warm spring day to be hidden from traffic and wind. Inside you’ll find two small rooms which have been broken into takeaway vendor and indoor seating areas.

A tasty alternative to run-of-the-mill white bread and butter sandwiches, at Gipsy Kitchen you’ll have a large selection of country style wraps, salads, and warm options all of which have taken into consideration healthy meets flavours.

As a chai drinker, finding barristers who don’t just pour syrup into cups can be hard to find, and here I’m treated to creamy milk foam on spiced heaven – this can only be a good sign for coffee lovers who generally receive the luxury of better care than chai drinkers.

The indoor seating area is small but has a cosy bohemian flare giving a dining experience to take diners away from the busy world of outdoors, and into a moment of calm pleasure. In a time where cafe culture is encouraging monotony, Gipsy Kitchen sings from a refreshing hymn sheet.


180 Lambton Quay, Te Aro

Not the place to visit if you want to dine in or have a bite to eat, but definitely the place for a really good coffee while wandering Lambton Quay. The best chai latte in Wellington by far; spicy style with creamy froth milk. To die for.

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234 Cuba Street, Te Aro

There’s good reason why there’s a wait to be seated on a Sunday morning; the vibe is in check. The coffee is in check. The menu is in check. And the staff are in check.

The first thing you notice at Fidel’s in the Cuban style that runs from the worn green exterior right through to the enclosed outdoor space. A well designed curved kitchen compliments the theme and black and white photos on the walls give plenty to look at.

An enclosed outdoor space with picnic table style seating and a caravan coffee cart is an excellent addition which is both sheltered from the wind and the rain.

One of my favourite things about Fidel’s is that despite it being consistently busy, with plenty going on, it’s strangely not a noisy venue. The music is laid back lounge keeping that chilled Cuban vibe that travels right through to the pleasant attitude of the wait staff.

At Fidel’s you’ll pay around $20 for brunch and won’t walk away hungry. Large eggs type choices or burrito styles are packed to the plates edge. Coffee By Havana Works tips off the experience beautifully, ensuring a full experience is met. A must visit for brunch.