Surprisingly safe, wonderfully unique, blissfully relaxed. Mexico is the cake’s icing.

Once upon a time during a yoga retreat in India, I was shown an image of an eco guest house in Tulum, Mexico. In that moment I knew that my next trip would be to that exact destination.

Mexico is often travelled as part of a larger exploration of the entire country. For me, travelling alone and with the confinements of just a few weeks’ vacation from work in New Zealand, I chose to head straight to Tulum, with some time exploring LA on the way home. The Tulum section of the trip beingpredominantly spent participating in a yoga retreat; yoga is what Tulum is known for.

One of the great things about a yoga retreat is that for solo travelers there is flexibility to easily connect with like-minded people, or choose to explore alone. There’s the added bonus of staying active and healthy in an enjoyable way, between doing whatever it is that you want to get from the country itself. Tulum, is known as a yoga destination and is lined with resorts and home stays offering yoga packages.

Quite frankly, Tulum is dreamy; A village designed for yogi’s, passionate about eco living, and committed to relaxation. There’s solar power wifi only, bikes for transport, and electricity only between dusk and dawn. What that does for us humans, is: Slow. Us. Down.

The landscape of Tulum isn’t entirely unique to other coastal destinations; there’s a white sandy beach (which regularly has weed washed up on), dirt roads lined with resorts, blue sky and sunshine. But Tulum is not really your typical beach holiday experience; perhaps more accurate of a description is that it’s a peaceful yoga village that so happens to be on a coastline.

Yoga aside, cenotes are a popular attraction of Tulum, and a great daytime activity to explore on bikes. Beneath the ground natural sea tunnels known as cenotes are formed, and some of them are explorable. The Grand Cenote is the most popular, and largest. Here – with entry fee – hire a snorkel and mask to spend time swimming through underwater caves looking at turtles, fish, and other marine life. While Grand Cenote is a remarkable experience, it can be chaotic with crowds, and some of the smaller ones closer to the village also have plenty to offer.

With run down, nothing special, Cancun being the closet city, don’t avoid Tulum simply because yoga doesn’t impress you. Being an entirely Eco village with sights to explore, great food to eat, margaritas to sip, and kind souled Mexican locals, Tulum has to be seen to be believed.