One of the most exciting cities in the lesser developed World, Bangkok is a hybrid of rich meets poor in the most fascinating of ways. You’ll find a world class business district with skyscraper office buildings architecturally designed to fit even the most prestigious of places towering over poverty stridden street markets, and everything in between. Make no mistake Bangkok is exhilarating, intriguing and entirely spectacular.

For some travellers, Bangkok is little more than a brief stop en route to Thailand’s cultural north or some of the world best tropical islands of the south. Save for a few party hours exploring between flights, Bangkok can be passed off for other destinations. But Bangkok need not be overlooked.

Bangkok shopping could make a holiday in its own right. What you’ll find is some of the world’s best malls with luxury items, high end fashion and the world’s best brands packaged together in beautiful malls that are a joy to explore. Short BTS Skytrain rides between malls will see you embrace luxury, explore futuristic IT and Tech, then finish with midnight shopping of the entertaining night markets.

Whatever suits your needs, Bangkok shopping with undoubtedly impress. We’ve got your Bangkok shopping guide right here.

bangkok shopping guide


The Em District is a relatively new precinct of Bangkok which is dedicated to luxury. In 2015 EmQuartier opened as a flagship mall of luxury within the Em District, and impresses in every way. The building itself is designed with smooth lines, mood lighting, and adorned throughout with waterfalls and greenery. The ambience is nothing short of peaceful creating a calm shopping affair in a spacious environment. Inside you’ll find luxury designer stores like Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenberg and Michael Kors while also having plenty of high street labels like Adidas and H&M. Thought to be the new fashion capital of Bangkok, EmQuartier is a pleasant experience but offers a lot more than just fashion too; Kinokuniya Books is one of the malls best.

EmQuartier is open 10am until midnight daily. To get there, take the BTS to Phrom Phong Station and take Exit No.1, then use the Skybridge connecting directly to EmQuartier.

Siam Center, Siam Discovery & Siam Paragon

The Siam Center was the first mall in Bangkok but has undergone plenty of renovations since, and remains a Bangkok shopping mall leader today. The centre itself comprises of more than one mall experience – Siam Paragon even houses an aquarium and cineplex – but none are more spectacular than the incredible Siam Discovery.

Siam Discovery is a world of its own and a pure delight to wander. This is a Bangkok shopping must visit. The building is designed with wide open spaces, clean lines, and large shop fronts but it is the product that is a stand out.

Siam Discovery is the go to for all things futuristic, electronic, and IT related. You’ll find visual delights at every turn, gifts and “must-buy” items and can even finish your Discovery experience with a meal at Gorgon Ramsey’s restaurant. Products aren’t cheap but you’ll find nothing short of world class quality at Siam Discovery.

To reach the Siam Center, take the BTS to Siam Station and take exit 1 for direct link to Siam Discovery, Siam Center, and take exit 3 for Siam Paragon or exit 5 to Siam Ocean World or the cinema complex.

bangkok shopping guide


The largest mall in Thailand and one of the largest in the World, CentralWorld will keep shoppers entertained for hours. This is more of a high street mall experience with the typical noise and business that comes with a mall experience but you’ll find everything you need. More than 500 stores, 100 restaurants and cafes, 15 cinemas, Kids’ Zone, Learning Centre, and outdoor events area. This is the place to visit with kids – there is always entertainment on the schedule – for all your home wares, health and beauty, or fashion needs.

CentralWorld is open daily. To reach, take the BTS direct to Chit Lom.

Patpong Night Market

You can’t visit Bangkok without exploring the famous Patpong night markets. Located In the heart of the go-go bar district, this is where seedy underbelly meets shopping chaos; your senses will be in overdrive.

At the Patpong night market you’ll find aisle upon aisle of the same items – t-shirts, souvenirs, bags, shoes and handicrafts – all at bargain prices and awaiting your hand at bartering. It’ll only take a few aisles before you realise there is nothing new to see but the experience is well worth the effort.

Originally the market began, and now is a tourist Mecca for those stocking up on items between visiting the famous Thai ping pong shows. Spend your evening pursuing the market before finding an authentic Thai curry in a bear by restaurant to complete your typical Thailand shopping experience.

Patpong Night Market is open 6pm – 1am every day. To get there take the BTS from Siam Station and depart at Sala Daeng Station.

bangkok shopping guide

Chatuchak Market

With more than 8000 market stalls spanning over 35 acres of land, the Chatuchak Markets are a haven of goods. Here you will find Thai souvenirs, cheap clothing essentials, knock off t-shirts and perfumes, games and electronics.

Bargain prices are part of the experience, as is simple, repetition and the inevitable fatigue that will kick in from hours and hours of walking aisles.

This is the place to visit for stocking up on all those home essentials that tend to cost far more than needed back home, as well as a few mandatory gifts. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, brush up on your negotiation skills, and expect to be overwhelmed by the share enormity of noise, colour and sights.

Chatuchak Market is open weekends from 9am – 6pm, Fridays 6pm – midnight. To get here take the BTS to Mo Chit station and take the number 1 exit.