I’m the kind of traveller who can throw into a large bag every item of clothing one could possibly think of, or equally pack so light that I put guys to shame.

Packing for me really comes down to where I’m going to, and the style of holiday I am choosing to have. Solo exploration of a far lesser travelled destination requires staying under the radar with the least sexy items I own accompanying me, and travelling with companions where we will be wining and dining deserves the luxury of choice. But regardless, there are a few handy items I rarely travel without.

#1 Silk Liner

My palm sized silk liner means I never get cold. This item has helped me out at 5000 metres in The Andes, and equally in the dense Indian heat of Goa. Silk is breathable in heat and warm in cooler climates, and to give me extra security in unsafe destinations the design means I can place valuables inside with me, while sleeping.

#2 Screen Shot of Currency

I’m terrible at maths and find it frustrating to worry about dividing price tags with my home currency, to figure out if I’m paying a good price for an item. I always screen shot on my phone a few key denominations ($10, $50, $100) to make it easier to calculate figures while on the go. I use Currencyconverter.com but it is only a rough guide.

#3 Screen Shot Maps

One of my first travel experiences was a comedy of errors; I decided to fly to Sardinia without realising it was off-season when the island pretty much hibernates and I had no transport from the airport, no Internet, and no address of the hotel I was staying. Rookie mistake that I learnt a valuable lesson from: never leave home without knowing exactly where your hotel is, and how you plan to get there.

#4 Flash Light

Two visits to a Sri Lankan hospital, followed by a month of injections in Sydney, and a full summer without swimming or exercising; I learnt the hard way to always pack a flash light. Read why you should always carry a flash light.

#5 Pen

I know what you’re thinking; Chasing Dreams Travel can’t you come up with something better than this? But think about it; how many times have you had a seat next to the rookie traveller who forgot their pen? It’s the obvious choice for making airport transfers faster, easier, and less stressful yet it’s the item which is so easily forgotten.

#6 Running Shoes

I’m a keen runner and rarely travel anywhere without my fix, but running shoes take a lot of space. Instead of taking my favourites I typically travel with an old pair that I leave in the country I’ve been to, so that someone less privileged can make use of after me, and my pack is instantly lighter.

#7 Plastic Bags

So simple, effective, and necessary. Never underestimate the power of packing a plastic bag which towards the end of a trip can shield muddy shoes or smelly laundry from items you care more for.