It’s a mistake you’ll only make once and a costly one at that: booking flights online which include stopovers. Inevitably what began as a bargain trip ended up expensive and inconvenient.

Here’s the thing: everyone travels these days and everyone has access to the Internet… well almost everyone. Factor demand into the equation and out pops a niche by the name of flight scanners through which you type in departure and arrival locations, ready for the coveted flurry of flight times and carriers to select, based on your budget. Combined with the thrill of self-booking an adventure and you’ve created a recipe of instant satisfaction. Fast forward to the actual flight and you’ve got an entirely different situation.

Suddenly your flight times between connections aren’t long enough for baggage to be included, your children aren’t sitting in the same row as you, and when one flight is delayed the subsequent ones are missed, with no refunds or reschedules available to you.

Not so long ago travel agents were the only method of booking travel and they’re making a steady comeback for good reason.

Access to discounted flights, more carrier options and flight schedules, immediate itinerary turnaround and hassle free service put travel agents back in the travel front line. There’s no substitute for preventing disastrous travel mistakes and enjoying that delicious thrill of opening your inbox to see your next adventure clearly planned especially for you.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why a travel agent supersedes booking through an online flight scanner any day.

Guaranteed Seats with Family and Travel Buddies

It’s an easily misunderstood privilege that flights booked together equals passengers being seated together. The truth is; it’s a risk. Unless you know what to look for, there’s no guarantee you’ll be seated with your loved ones on a family holiday, but a travel agent’s ticketing system clearly identifies seating information. It’s true that booking through a specific carrier typically takes you to a screen where you choose seating options but that’s not the same when booking through a flight scanner. Save the frustration of ending up being seated beside the oversized smoker and book with your agent instead.


Larger Range of Flight Options

Flight scanners are aggregates of a selected group of carriers and routes, but travel agents often have alternatives to choose from. For you, that means that even though a flight scanner appears to have plenty of options to select from, you could be missing out. More convenient routes, cheaper seats and alternative brands are often available through a travel agent’s ticketing system. You can receive better flights at better rates and if your agent charges a fee, you’re still faring better.

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Bigger Discounts on Hotels, Rental Cars, Connections and Activities

Guess what? Travel agents have access to wholesale systems which have literally millions of hotels, activities and holiday additions. That price you saw on a booking site might look good, but your agent could likely find you even better. More options, better deals or more insight for all those areas of your trip that you didn’t think about initially, but you’re certainly going to need.


Customised Stopovers to Suit you

Here’s a real kicker for you: when your route has a mandatory stop over, flight scanners won’t offer you deviations from the plan. One reasons is because they don’t have all the available options. With more options available on your agents ticketing system, they could offer you a few variations to choose from. You’ve gotta stopover somewhere anyway, so why not make it slightly more convenient or interesting without increasing your budget?

Hassle Free Itineraries

We all know that in a World full of immediate purchasing, satisfaction and fulfilment, part of the joy of booking travel through a flight scanner is the rush that comes with the spontaneous purchase. The independence, freedom and adventure associated with sitting on your sofa one Friday night, thinking about a destination, finishing that bottle of wine and before you know it you’ve committed to the trip, can be replaced without the forthcoming guilt. Your travel manager knows you’re keen NOW but might not be tomorrow and they understand travellers excitement so they’re not going to muck around. In most cases you’ll have made your enquiry and received a price guide or itinerary within a day. Then you can simply sit back and leave someone else to look after the fiddly adjustments required to turn the idea into something amazing. A travel agent takes the hard work out of the equation, leaving you with nothing but excitement.

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