#1: Diverse Landscapes

Packed full of variety, Morocco features the dusty brown Atlas Mountains, white sandy Sahara Desert, and bright turquoise surf breaks of Agadair. Morocco is a jam packed landscape wonderland.

#2: Patterns, Primary Colours and Texture

It’s said that Marrakesh was the place Yves Saint Laurent used as his muse, and it’s easy to see why. Marrakesh is a discovery of geometric patterns, abstract prints, and bright colour combinations which work extraordinarily well together. Artistic beauty on every level.

#3: Moroccan Energy

When a Moroccan wants to express energy, it’s contagious. Be it through dancing randomly in the street, or singing to the beat of a drum in the desert. The same can be said for the opposite; when a Moroccan wants to be lazy, they’ll be lazy for days on end, standing in groups around building entrances saying not a word. The energy is curious, intriguing, and extreme from Western parts of the World.

#4: Souks

Where else can you go to get lost in a labyrinth Souks are a museum of entertainment, with anything and everything on show. From spices to sandals, snake charmers to shoe shiners, zebra skins to camel leather; souks are unforgettable.

#5: Tagine

Rich flavours infused into chicken using a colourfully painted ceramic dish, tagine is the Moroccan’s signature dish.