Sri Lanka is packed with energy, colour, culture and lush landscape on one small, accessible island. Here is a country that welcomes families, sports lovers, beach bums, surf gurus and nature enthusiasts, plus you can experience all this within just a few hours travel between.

A few years ago war between the North and South regions made visiting undesirable but with that now in the past there’s been no better time to visit. Here are our top reasons why Sri Lanka should be on your travel list.


A commendable job by the Department of Wildlife Conservation who created two enormous game parks where safari animals can be enjoyed lounging about in their natural environment. Udawalawe National Park is home to elephants, leopard, water buffalo and alligators living together on an whopping 308 km stretch of land and Yala National Park covers 9778 km of land. When visiting the parks you’ll notice straight away that the animals are living wild but receive the extra benefit of care and attention of rangers if needed. Seeing animals in their natural habitat brings comfort to visiting.


Lush Nature

There’s no shortage of large green areas of land with hikes and walks riddled throughout. Horton Plains National Park in the centre of the country covers 31 km of land and is home to the famous Adams Peak and World’s End treks. Ella is a small village nestled in the hill district where day walks are easily accessed and tea plantations can be seen thriving healthily. What makes the natural world so delightful in Sri Lanka is its’s lush, healthy environments have been lovingly nurtured while enabling accessibility for explorers.

Beach Life, Surf Life

White sandy beaches and warm oceans of turquoise blue and not necessarily unique, but in Sri Lanka you don’t have the additional burdens that can be found at other destinations. Restaurants and hostels line the sand, surf schools are plentiful and readily available, but you won’t find pesky hawkers trying to sell you items, or disturb your peace. The South Coast has plenty of beach towns and surf breaks to offer; the challenge will be deciding which ones to enjoy!

Kind Natured Sri Lankan Locals

Some countries you visit you instantly get a vibe of dishonesty or ill intent, but in Sri Lanka you won’t get even a whiff of that. The locals are calm, smiling, happy people who enjoy casual conversations with tourists without it being for the purpose of gaining something. Many times I found myself waiting somewhere and a kind Sri Lanka person exchanges pleasant conversation before wishing me a happy trip, not to mention mandatory road stops by the police who volunteered cheerful travel information instead of grim tourist fines. Sri Lankans are a warm hearted breed.

Sigiriya Sri Lanka


During one holiday it’s possible to visit historical ruins, soak up Buddhist culture, witness enchanting wildlife, surf world class breaks, snorkel through underwater marine life, hike through lush green vegetation, and ride scenic trains through spectacular landscapes. Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of possibilities in a relatively small area.