Considered one of those destinations which has the potential to be exorbitantly high on the effort scale, many travellers miss this exceptional Country. Egypt has plenty to offer travellers with attractions everywhere you turn and fascinating sights by the bucket full.

In recent years too Egypt has picked up on hotel quality with high end resorts and hotels now available to retreat back to comfort after a hot day of exploring.

With Egypt’s involvement in the Gulf War ending in 1997, tourism has once again been on the rise and now there is no better time to visit. We’ve got your top 5 reasons why Egypt should be on your travel list right here.

Sail boat in front of sand dunes

Reasons #1: Sights and Attractions

The Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx are typically the first recognisable images when thinking of Egypt but the reality is there are plenty more incredible sights and attractions than just these. Egypt is packed with attractions from Cairo in the North right through to Aswan in the South. Many of Egypt’s major sites are religious artefacts, historical tombs of bygone errors and miraculously engineered structures, but the landscape too is a sight itself. Egypt is founded on dry desert land making sand one of he most useable building resources. Homes and buildings are typically made from sandy clay, some painted colourfully, but most as barren looking as the desert land. The Nile River is the longest river in the World, stretching close to 7000 km in distance, and can sometimes appear like a mirage against the contrasting sand dunes more common in the region. In some areas, lining the Nile is nothing more than sand or dry shrubbery providing glimpses of shade for thirsty animals on the banks. In other places dense bush lines the banks, seemingly unusual against the rest of the countries landscape. It goes without saying; there is something spectacular to see at every turn!

Tutankhamun tomb

Reason #2: History

It’s been around 5000 years since the Great Pyramids of Giza were built and almost 100 years since Tutankhamun tomb was found; just two of a complete myriad of historic monuments and artefacts scattered through Egypt. All these incredible historical monuments and artefacts are accessible for curious travellers to admire. It’s arguably the mummification process adopted by Egyptians so long ago which has put the country on the tourism map today, and no Egypt trip is complete without checking out some of them. Considering death to be a time of rebirth, Egyptians took immense pride in preserving bodies of their superiors to ensure once again their life vessel would be available to use during their next life. Thing is; there are just so many artefacts, tombs and ancient treasures to take in during a visit to Egypt and each and every one utterly mind boggling; so much time has passed yet such a prominent civilisation existed.

Pyrmids in Egypt

Reason #3: Holiday That Has It All

Often a holiday is forced to prioritise the overall theme when selecting destination, but Egypt can tick more than one box. There is certainly no shortage or sights and activities and consider that wandering tombs and artefacts in 40 degree heat undoubtedly beckons the call of a refreshing swim afterward. Egyptian culture and cuisine are different to many countries and a holiday here will certainly be one infused with learning new ways of life. Then when you’ve had a long hot day exploring sights, witnessing local life and eating delicious meze style meals, retreat back to a hotel or resort to relax poolside will provide the complete travel experience desired.

Camels in the desert

Reason #4: Access to Equally Fascinating Neighbours

Egypt’s North borders the equally spectacular country, Israel which is also home to an intriguing array of historical monuments. Travellers can move easily between both countries, taking in the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo then the Great Monastery of Petra and The Dead Sea within little more a few hours. Why not explore Luxor to Cairo up the River Nile before heading over to Israel, combining two fascinating destinations in one journey?

Reason #5: Diving in The Red Sea

Few places offer the diversity that Egypt does and the Red Sea is a prime example of the countries diversity. Idea for corals and a spectacular array of marine life, the Red Sea’s unique blend of minerals make this body of water a divers paradise. The red tinge alone puts The Red Sea is a league of it’s own in terms of new sights to see and places to explore. Then there is the abundance of marine life present as a result of the geological activity. Spend a day snorkelling or spend week’s diving; the choice is yours.