Misool Eco Lodge, Indonesia

Residing on it’s very own private island in the remote Raja Ampat region of Indonesia, Misool is a tropical island eco paradise. If you like isolation, then Misool is your eco resort. The closest port is 165km away, 20km to the nearest village, and a max occupancy of just 40 guests.

Misool isn’t just a remote eco paradise in an idyllic setting though. The resort established a 300,000 acre/1220sq km of marine reserve and a shark and manta sanctuary was established in 2010. Needless to say, that Misool is a diver’s heaven with arguably the best reefs on earth.

Rooms are overwater on stilts, styled to suit the rustic beach vibe mixed with Indonesian charm. A stay at Misool is all about the ocean while responsibly enriching marine biodiversity at the same time as enjoying a well-earned break from city life.

Gayana Marine Resort, Indonesian Borneo

You’ll find Gayana on a small island nestled close to the Sabah shores of Indonesian Borneo. Known mostly for jungle and orangutans, heading to this unique island offers a contrast to what most visitors encounter on a Borneo adventure, and with Gayana taking prime position on Malohom Bay, the vistas are truly spectacular. This is a resort which is all about the jungle, the ocean and of course, the reef.

Aside from the panoramic views that capture the diversity of both lush jungle vegetation and marine life, what makes Gayana special is that it is the only island resort that also has a regeneration programme. The programme is committed to propagating endangered reefs and marine life.

Overwater villas with the sound of the ocean are how guests wake up at Gayana. Rooms are decorated with hints of Indonesian style and carefully selected wood finishing and furnishings that bring elements of the outdoors inside too.

Spend days lazying on your private deck with a book between dips in the ocean, scuba dive or snorkel the nearby reefs or enjoy jungle trekking. There is a variety of marked trails from the resort or a four hour trek to the other side of the Island on offer too.

Daintree Wilderness Lodge, Australia

The only place in Australia where rainforest meets coastline, the Daintree Rainforest has been World Heritage listed since 1981. Far North Queensland is an utterly enchanting place that can feel remote, magical and mysterious all at the same time. The Daintree Wilderness Lodge is hands down, one heck of a way to experience the area.

Lodge is set within A wonderland of trees, wildlife and water with cabin style rooms on stilts, perched at the end of their own private walkways. Each lodge has A sunroof for guests to star gaze after the sun goes down, before drifting into slumber. Make no mistake; when you’re in the rainforest, you won’t want to miss a moment of mother nature’s finest.

At the Daintree Wilderness Lodge, Eco accreditation comes from the active commitment to minimising impact on the environment, not just in the lodge’s positioning but through daily operations such as water conservation, power source and the bio cycle water waste system as well. For guests though, the lodge’s nature activities is one of the appeals.

A nature walkway from the lodge winds through the forest to a creek where birds and wildlife spend time, and guests can take a dip. A highlight of the walk are Hope Cycads which take 100 years to grow just 1 metre tall.

There’s an outdoor spa under a canopy of trees, surrounded by bush and orchestrated by the sound of wildlife. Just 10 minutes away for the lodge is the private, pristine and utterly idyllic beach, Cow Bay; one of our personal favourite beaches in the area. The beach is perfect for a day swimming and relaxing, or drive North to explore World famous Cape Tribulation.

Nimmo Bay Resort, British Columbia

Set at the base of Mount Stephens which reaches 5000 feet into the atmosphere, and perched on the edge of a lake, Nimmo Bay Resort is at the heart of wilderness.

Back in 1980 the lodge was purchased as an old float house and although has evolved a lot since then, remains true to the core intent of that time; to keep the environment in mind.

This is the kind of lodge to stay at if spending quiet days doing outdoor activities is your holiday preference. Guests can heli-ski, kayak, paddle board, whale watch, glacier trek; the list goes on but all activities involve the natural surroundings.

There’s a choice of two cabin styles. Intertidal cabins are the lakeside option and the wildernesses cabin is the answer to what would be an overwater bungalow in the Maldives. Here you can paddle up to the verandah through the day and sit with a glass of red in hand, watching the mountains at dusk. Forest cabins are engulfed in trees and waterfalls, where evenings can be enjoyed listening to the tranquil noise of flowing water.

The Murray family have owned and operated Nimmo Bay Resort for 35 years and their statement of sustainability sums up what they are striving to achieve daily: “the bear eats the salmon and then returns nutrients to the forest. We are a part of this natural cycle and our aim is for a perfect balance between what we take from our habitat and what we give back”.

Lapa Rios Lodge, Costa Rica

Handpicked as a founding member of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, Lapa Rios Lodge offers guests a rare selection of experiences.

Tucked into the Costa Rican rainforest, wildlife and fauna is the main course with a dessert of palm fringed beaches. These two major environments make for a myriad of activities in peaceful surroundings.

Wildlife is a plenty from colourful macaws and rare birdlife, mammals such as sloths, jaguars, monkeys and armadillos, bright butterflies and insects, and marine species too. Lush nature trails drape around the lodge’s bungalows with a choice of ocean or rainforest to sleep among, and a pool surrounded by bush to relax under the warmth of the sun.

If ever there was a place to be away from the World, yet have no shortage or things to do; Lapa Rios Lodge will satisfy for romantic getaways, family escapes and anything in between.