We’re your local travel agent team whose role extends well beyond booking your holiday. Our ethos is about operating with integrity, authenticity, and delivering service that demonstrates we care about each and every traveller. We offer a large selection of products and services at competitive prices.

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Holiday options to suit your preference and budget, from the latest package deals through to personalised adventure itineraries. There are plenty of choices available.

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“Alex showed us various options and prices which were in a ‘much easier to look at’ format than doing the back and forth thing on online booking sites. And with 4 people to book flights for it can take a long time to enter traveller details and cross-check everything. Alex took care of all of that side of things, which was amazing.”

Elly McGuinness

“Alex also came to be the biggest help towards quickly searching for, booking flights and keeping up to date with border/ transit restrictions around getting me back home to New Zealand during the current COVID-19 crisis. She works efficiently to gather information for you and will do everything out of her to go over a range of options and make sure you feel at ease with any major decisions.”

Katerina Armstrong

“I would highly recommend Alex when booking travel overseas. She has been super helpful and responsive throughout the planning process and answered any of the questions we had in record time.”

Simon Van Ryn

“Alex took care of all the minor details and things I had forgotten about. Made some wonderful accommodation recommendations and arranged to get us a very good price on our airfares. We are so thrilled with her service and was always a pleasure to deal with. Friendly and professional, even after all my queries via email.”

Danielle Franklin


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